Love is in the Air! Join our DoFollow Community and Help Spread the Link-Love

Our U-Comment/I-Follow network is soaring across the blogosphere!

Some bloggers are even newer to this whole DoFollow concept then I, and since I’m technically-challenged, and was ignorant to the problems/successes of such a link-loving attitude…I’ll break things down for you as simply as I can (since this is the only way I can make sense of it all) ;-)

1. Read my initial post here, and read and follow this post. Within each of these 2 posts, the comments shares critical information about the history, reasonings behind, and how-to DoFollow, thanks to Andy and Vlad’s easy-to-understand post about getting rid of “pink boxes” for once that are scattered throughout this blogosphere.

2. Read Dawud’s easy-to-read, understand, and implement, concise post here. Even for the non-technical computer-dummy that I am, Dawud’s post explains everything very simply regarding the importance of this DoFollow movement.

3. New buddy (from our DoFollow Bumpzee community, details below #4) , Andrew wrote a fantastic, easy-to-read list of all the ways to increase comments to your blog. He graciously shares every plugin I’ve ever wanted specifically to make you want to comment and begin a conversation (or debate) with me, and conitnue to be my newest pal!

He shares options for those on the Blogger and TypePad blog platforms too.

4. Last, but not least…Follow Andy’s announcement of the Bumpzee/No-NoFollow/Do-Follow/I-Follow Community post here.

Andy shares interesting points about the missing pieces: where is there one place we can all network or get together?

Honestly, I can’t/couldn’t keep up myself:

  • Then, Randa designed a great badge, that her list started growing here.
  • And, everyone who has a list, asks their readers to ‘comment below’ so they could be listed on that particular blog.

    But, there isn’t one-hang-out for like-minded blogging entrepreneurs/bloggers to cross-promote, discuss and share our work, work ethics, and philosophies.

    Not until, Andy devised this group at Bumpzee.

    I myself, logged-in for the first-time…and made our group a total of 10 with me as the lone-lady. Andy lists many of the advantages of using this program as well…beyond networking.

    So, come on my dears (and women entrepreneur-supporters), join the crowd! Read more at Andy’s here.

    Update: April 16,2007: As for my pink-boxes…my server was just upgraded Sunday the 15th, I don’t know how to install plugins myself (waiting for my VA), and we’re having major problems with spam, and our Spam blockers (first: Spam Karma, and now Askimet, so we’re just trying to be ultra-patient ov’r here. Any additional suggestions, help, advise would be greatly appreciated. Andrew offers a 2nd back-up spam blocker to protect over the 99% spam blocking ability of Askimet…we’re just trying to install everything between server moves.) My intentions and technical-understanding of this whole DoFollow phenomenon have always been disclosed in both of my posts, we defaulted a moderated link to all our commentors since we moved to WordPress on March 15th. Your understanding is much appreciated. Peace.


    1. Andy Beard says:

      Thanks for spreading the word about the new community. My belief was that we needed a focal point that made it easy to browse each others posts.
      I did strongly consider using WordPress – I have had registered for a number of months, and Dawud had previously offered to help set it up (I am not a designer, I just hack stuff)

      In the end Bumpzee became the logical choice

    2. Admin says:

      I’m not a designer, developer, etc.

      I have yet to learn Bumpzee…so this should be interesting!

      Thanks for all your hard work Andy!
      ~ Ponn

    3. Gayla McCord says:

      Thanks so much for the heads up. I’m anxious to have a look around :) I’ll be sure to pass on the word too :)

    4. Admin says:

      Thanks Gayla!
      I’m learning so much this week–and it all started with your one little post :-D
      ~ Ponn

    5. Jenny says:

      I posted an article on THEBLOGWORLD.NET. Hasn’t gotten a lot of attention tho. xD But thanks for spreading the word about doFollow. Everyone should do it. :)

    6. Admin says:

      I’ll run over there right now Jenny!
      ~ Ponn

    7. doris chua says:

      Hi, found you via eMoms… nice to be spreading love around. I had joined the ‘Do Follow’ community too! Resourceful site you have!

    8. I agree with Andy. I find WordPress to be superior in many ways to TypePad – and certainly over Blogger. Both TypePad and Blogger make posting a little bit easier, but you sacrifice quite a bit of potential. Editing a TypePad template, which I’ve been playing with, is just more complex then editing code in WordPress. And nothing beats WordPress’ plugin community.

      Now that I’m off my WordPress stump, thanks for joining the nofollow movement. Andy got me going and now I don’t want to stop. So thank you and please, spread the word.

    9. Admin says:

      Doris, Thanks for stopping by. I just added you to my list. And, I’m glad you like my blog, hope you come back often ;-)

      Dawud, Thanks for finally stopping by and sharing your 2-cents ;-) I value your work, blogging, professionalism, etc.

      I know moving to WordPress was practically a dream come true! It brought my blog to the levels I knew I could achieve–but, never thought I could do it so quickly ;-) 32-days later!

      You know it’ll be hard to shut me up about this incredible movement forward for the blogosphere as a whole.
      ~ Ponn

    10. Thanks for gathering all that info together for us.

    11. Admin says:

      It’s my pleasure. Please let me know if you DoFollow, so I can list you on our list, Okay!?
      ~ Ponn

    12. I took the no-follow out, does that work?

    13. Admin says:

      Hi Suzanne
      Great! I listed you! Glad you’re sharing the link-love! It’s a glorious blogosphere, isn’t it!?
      ~ Ponn

    14. Hobo says:

      Us too! It’s really catching on!

    15. Admin says:

      Hi Hobo!
      Sweet! I added you to our list! Share the link-love is great, isn’t it!?
      ~ Ponn

    16. Hobo says:

      I’ve just faved and delicious-ed u!

    17. Admin says:

      My SO honored! Thanks a bunch ;-)
      Stick around, K?
      ~ Ponn

    18. Hobo says:

      I might just very well!

      Shaun :)

    19. Izzy says:

      Thanks for the info, Ponn!

      I always thought WordPress didn’t do “no follow” but alas…I was wrong.

      However, I’m making up for it now because I just installed the “do follow” plugin for WordPress!

      Everyone come visit, leave a comment and get a link!!!

    20. Bree Follows says:

      My blog now follows links. At first I thought nofollow was a good idea but I have changed my mind on that. After a long time procrastinating I have seen the importance of “dofollow” and making sure everything stays connected and links don’t get broken. I will follow comments on my blog, I hope more people adopt these principals. Regards Bree.

    21. Ponn Sabra says:

      Wow, I’m honored I taught you something in the blog-world…since you’ve been around for so long!

      You’re so sweet ;-)

      Bree Follows
      Glad you’re following now!

    22. Bree Follows says:

      Thanks Izzy :)


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